From our Senior Pastor 9-21-2021

This weekend’s flooding has been surprising. We pray that you are safe. If you need help with any repairs, please let us know if we can help. The flooding in the fellowship hall (second time this weekend) came with surprising speed. All was dry until 9:15 and a hard rain came that poured water in through the back door like a faucet. Several shop vacs were quickly put to use, but we could not keep up with the rising tide. Because of the time, the risk of slipping and inability to use electronic equipment, we had little choice but to cancel the service. Those who were there quickly jumped into action removing water, mopping, moving furniture and equipment. Thank you all for your hard work. Gratefully, we will be returning to the Sanctuary on for worship on Sunday, October 3 with a special service of dedication that morning.
An initial and thorough cleaning of the pews will be professionally done, but we will need a second dusting and cleaning in the sanctuary and gathering space before we return on October 3. Currently we plan on work days for Thursday, September 30 and Friday, October 1. We want to stagger volunteer times because of Covid protocols.

Grace and Peace,


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